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PCOS Awareness
The Founder


As a child, my fondest ambition has always been to specialize in pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology. This need has grown exponentially since then. In addition, personal experiences with dermatological difficulties propelled me in pursuit of Medical Aesthetics.
My desire to assist women suffering from polycystic-ovary-syndrome and other hair-growth abnormalities originates from my personal experience as a survivor of the ailment in addition to being a professional electrologist. By joining together with fellow Electrologists and PCOS warriors, I've been forming a support group for women afflicted all over the globe.
We are advocating for greater knowledge of PCOS (which affects African-ethnic, black, and brown women at unprecedented numbers), more accurate diagnosis, treatment insurance-coverage, and reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenditures.
My plight to effect change, has allowed me to forge long-lasting ties to members of my peer group and the local community. The struggle for change was a satisfying task that showed me my own strength, the strength of community-organization, women's empowerment, perseverance, and it also taught me the value of a trustworthy and well-balanced support system, whom I can approach for guidance.
My mission is to educate underrepresented cultures about skincare, the relationship between thyroid-dysfunction, insulin-resistance, hormone-disruption, and hair growth issues, self-discipline, risk factors, and self-love, all while delivering excellent treatment, service(s), and products.
𓂀Asè Zen Inc. offers a wide range of quality products and services. 
Our mission is to take more of an wholistic approach to skin care, detox, healing & wellness
 by providing our clientele with skin care treatments and products that they can feel good about.
Safety, efficiency, & results are our top priority!


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